No Man's Land (NML) refugee settlement, a small slice of land roughly the size of a football field between the Iraqi and Jordanian border at the Al Karama crossing had become a makeshift refugee camp for 194 Iranian Kurdish refugees after the beginning of the Iraqi war, 100 of whom were children, fleeing the violence in Iraq. These Iranian Kurds fled Iran in 1979 to the northern Kurdish region of Iraq. In 1982 Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime forced them to relocate to the Al Tash refugee camp in Ramadi City, Iraq where they lived for 27 years until 2005. With increasing violence and a diminishing security situation, a number of Iranian Kurds fled to the Jordanian border after local militias and armed gangs threatened to kill them if they remained in the camp. The 194 Iranian Kurds became stuck in between the two national borders residing in NML in their self-crafted tents surviving harsh environmental conditions and a serious lack of humanitarian aid for over two years awaiting resettlement to a third country.